How To Compose A PowerShell Module With Multiple Script Files

The internet's missing how-to guide!

All I wanted was something I take for granted as a C# developer: the ability to create a PowerShell module that's composed of multiple script files - one for each function - instead of putting every function in a single `.psm1` file. It's actually a simple thing to accomplish, and yet it's *unbelievably* difficult to find a tutorial that explains *how* to do it. This article seeks to fill that void and save future googlers all the time I sunk into research, trial, and error. [Read More]

A Pain-Free Guide To Installing Web Deploy

I've had several less-than-stellar experiences installing Web Deploy in the past. Next time I go through this, I decided many months ago, I'm taking notes! 'Next time' turned out to be earlier this week. This article is the result of the notes I took during that trial-and-error session. [Read More]