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New SqlConnection() Hangs When IIS Express Has Been Idle

And an entire day is lost trying to debug it

About a week ago I was happily working away on an ASP.NET Web API project when I noticed something fishy happening. And by “fishy”, I mean incredibly, unbelievably, stupendously frustrating. When initially loaded, the application worked fine. Start the project, execute a command from Postman, get results. But after running for 8 or 10 minutes, results would suddenly stop coming back. It didn’t take long to figure out where it was failing, however why it was failing was another matter entirely. [Read More]

XML Comment Outlining In Visual Studio 2015 'Fixed'

Introducing SquishyVS

When I look at a class file, I will frequently collapse it down to its method signatures. Maybe I want to scan the file for a particular method. Maybe I want to get an overview of what functionality the class contains. Could be any number of reasons. Ultimately it’s a quick way to minimize the noise and isolate what I really want to see. In a C# class file, the noisiest bits - easily - are the XML comments that decorate everything from the class itself to all its containing methods and properties. [Read More]

Adding An Existing Coded UI Test Map To A Project

When you add a new coded ui test map to a project, Visual Studio conveniently organizes the accompanying .uitest, .cs, and .designer.cs files into a neat, unified bundle: So you’d THINK that’s what would happen when you copy an existing coded ui map from another project into a new one. But nooooo, Visual Studio just shrugs and stares blankly like “And…? What do you expect me to do with this?” [Read More]

Running VSTO Addins From Visual Studio Leaves Residual Code Behind

I just lost 60 minutes of my life… and I’m never getting it back. About a year ago my dad asked me to write him an Excel addin that would shuffle some data around, do some minor aggregations, yadda yadda yadda. Nothing major. Being the good son I am, I got started right away. Gosh, I’m great! But then, being the bad son I am, I got distracted and never quite finished it. [Read More]