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A Pain-Free Guide To Installing Web Deploy

I've had several less-than-stellar experiences installing Web Deploy in the past. Next time I go through this, I decided many months ago, I'm taking notes! 'Next time' turned out to be earlier this week. This article is the result of the notes I took during that trial-and-error session. [Read More]

New SqlConnection() Hangs When IIS Express Has Been Idle

And an entire day is lost trying to debug it

About a week ago I was happily working away on an ASP.NET Web API project when I noticed something fishy happening. And by “fishy”, I mean incredibly, unbelievably, stupendously frustrating. When initially loaded, the application worked fine. Start the project, execute a command from Postman, get results. But after running for 8 or 10 minutes, results would suddenly stop coming back. It didn’t take long to figure out where it was failing, however why it was failing was another matter entirely. [Read More]

List All IIS Websites And Process Ids

Recently I’ve found myself looking up IIS process ids juuuuuuust infrequently enough that I haven’t been able to memorize either the command itself or the file location for appcmd.exe, meaning I’ve been looking them up every time I’ve needed them. That, I decided, was too much work, so I actually wrote The Simplest Console App Ever™ to spit out the information for me. Memorization, schmemorization. Yep, because I’m just that lazy. [Read More]