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WordPress, you're FIRED!

I'm taking my things and moving to Hugo.

I like a great many things about WordPress. It’s easy to set up. There is an overwhelming community behind it, chock full of free themes and plugins. There’s a nifty mobile app. It has a built-in commenting system. Really, for the most part, it’s great. That said, there is one thing about WordPress I’ve never particularly enjoyed. And, unfortunately, it’s something that’s rather essential to, you know, a blogging platform... [Read More]

Unit Testing HostingEnvironment.MapPath()

Without getting into all the whys and wtfs, the other day I had a need to dynamically render and inject html snippets into various webpages at runtime. The project I’m working on originally created the html in C# by concatenating string fragments and formatting them with runtime values. With all the requisite escape sequences needed to create valid html (including encapsulated JavaScript), this approach struck me as a bit messy and I decided to take a different route. [Read More]

Running: From Treadmill to Trail in 15 Short Years

For years, I was a total treadmill whore. I would run upwards of seven miles at a stretch, three times a week - at the gym, on a treadmill. It made sense. I was already in the gym up to five days a week lifting weights and/or swimming; why wouldn’t I run while I was there too? I endured a fair amount of ribbing for my lengthy treadmill trysts, especially from ‘real’ runners. [Read More]

Everything* You’ve Ever Been Told About Losing Weight Is Bullshit

* Except this: "All that matters is that you consume fewer calories than you burn."

All that matters is that you consume fewer calories than you burn. Any weight loss advice that goes beyond this simple statement is, at best, fluffy nonsense designed to make losing weight seem more complicated than it really is. Because the more complicated it seems, the more likely you are to pay for personal training, diet books, and other such things. That’s my exalted opinion after years of listening to various fitness advice, spending more than $3,000 on personal training, reading books like this one, getting into pretty damn good shape (~10% body fat), then getting into pretty awful shape (40+ pounds of mush), and finally going through the process of losing it all again. [Read More]

Favorite Coding Comics

More than once I've found a comic about coding that made me LOL, only to forget where the hell I originally found it. So in order to avoid repeatedly having to hunt all over the internet to find my favorite comics, I'm just going to start posting them here as I find them. [Read More]

Farewell, Winamp

Saying goodbye to a very old friend...

I remember walking into my friend’s dorm room one day back in the late 90’s. He wasn’t there, but all the lights were on and Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight was playing on his computer. Back in those archaic times, using your computer as a stereo system was still something of a novelty. Only recently had I acquired a computer that had a color monitor AND could connect to the internet. [Read More]