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LocalProcessingException Rendering LocalReport To Excel

A while back I needed a way to extract values from a LocalReport object. I wrote a proof of concept application that rendered the object as Excel/Xml data, then parsed that data using OpenXml. This worked perfectly well within the very limited scope typical of a POC, but when I finally got the chance to put it to real world use there were a few predictable snags. Most were reasonably simple to resolve but one - and only one - of the reports I was rendering resulted in this lovely error... [Read More]

Excel Ribbon: Blocking Commands On a Per-Sheet Basis

During my initial foray into VSTO office development two years ago, I was particularly frustrated by the severe lack of documentation on the subject. Unfortunately, it seems this is still something of a problem. It took me hours of googling the other day just to find a definitive list of all the ribbon callback signatures. I know I wasn’t the only one having this problem because I found a month-old unanswered question on StackOverflow asking for the same information. [Read More]

Running VSTO Addins From Visual Studio Leaves Residual Code Behind

I just lost 60 minutes of my life… and I’m never getting it back. About a year ago my dad asked me to write him an Excel addin that would shuffle some data around, do some minor aggregations, yadda yadda yadda. Nothing major. Being the good son I am, I got started right away. Gosh, I’m great! But then, being the bad son I am, I got distracted and never quite finished it. [Read More]