Well that was fast.

A little over three weeks ago, on July 7th, Slack released 1.1.5 of their Windows App. One of the changes in that release disallowed minimizing the main window to the system tray. I was not a fan of that particular change. No sir, I did not like it one bit and so I dug into my bag of tricks and released my own software to force the app into the system tray – where I prefer it to live, when I’m not actively staring at it. That was only a week ago, and already Slack has released another update – version 1.1.8 – which reverts back to the original system tray functionality. Apparently, I was not alone in my displeasure.

Although I’m certain Headless Slacker had nothing to do with Slack going back to its original behavior, it was sure fun watching my site stats blow up for a couple days:

That huge spike there? Yeah, that was just a few days after I wrote my post about Headless Slacker. Pretty cool, but I knew it wouldn’t last. From the sounds of it, there were quite a few people rallying for the return of the system tray functionality.

And so Headless Slacker is already obsolete – but hopefully not for long. There’s one more feature I think Slack is missing that I’d like to bolt on. Stay tuned…