Multiple Slack Teams With Chrome Application Shortcuts

[1 minute read]

Important Note

I wrote this post last night. Today, before I published it, Slack released their first dedicated Windows application - rendering my entire post moot. I’m publishing it anyway because, damn it, why not? :)

Since Slack doesn’t yet have a Windows desktop client, your best alternative is to use Chrome to create an application shortcut to pin your Slack team chat room to your taskbar. But what if you belong to more than one Slack team? In that case, you have to create one Chrome application shortcut for each Slack team, which isn’t very pretty:

Duplicate Slack Shortcuts

But it turns out you’re not stuck with the default shortcut icon! To change it, right-click the taskbar icon, and then right-click the underlying shortcut icon and select Properties, like so:

Application shortcut properties

This will bring up your friendly, neighborhood Properties dialog which includes a good old fashioned “Change Icon…” button:


From there, you can select any icon of your choosing. For myself, I left one team with the default Slack icon and set the other to the company’s logo icon:


Now I can easily tell which one is which. Hooray!