Git Config Changes Not Saved When Edited With Notepad++

Turns out, closing the tab isn't enough

This is pretty stupid, but here it goes. A few minutes ago I decided to try something new: editing Git config settings with an external text editor. My default text editor is Notepad++. So I typed git config -e -global into my Git terminal window, made the changes I wanted, saved and closed the file. Well that was easy! But let’s run that command again, just to make sure it worked. [Read More]

WPF: Zoom In An Image On Application Load

I recently decided to create a new image viewer for Windows. I'm not a fan of the default Windows Photo Viewer and think most third party image viewers are even worse. The only one I've liked quite a bit is the viewer that comes bundled with Google's Picasa. However, Picasa itself no longer really fits into my digital photo organization strategy and I really hate to install all of Picasa just so I can have the peripheral 5% that constitutes its image viewer. So I decided to roll my own using WPF... [Read More]

Unit Testing HostingEnvironment.MapPath()

Without getting into all the whys and wtfs, the other day I had a need to dynamically render and inject html snippets into various webpages at runtime. The project I’m working on originally created the html in C# by concatenating string fragments and formatting them with runtime values. With all the requisite escape sequences needed to create valid html (including encapsulated JavaScript), this approach struck me as a bit messy and I decided to take a different route. [Read More]

Kindle Fire HD6: Finally, An E-Reader That’s Good For Technical Books & Articles

When I first started coding, I bought several 1,000+ page tomes that must have weighed eight pounds each. Books with that much mass do not suit my preferred reading style: leaning back, in my easy chair. They were equally inconvenient when I wanted to work though an example on my computer. Impossible to hold with one hand, I had to lie them down flat on my desk and either hover my head nearly directly above or use both hands to lift it up in order to refer back to the text. [Read More]

List All IIS Websites And Process Ids

Recently I’ve found myself looking up IIS process ids juuuuuuust infrequently enough that I haven’t been able to memorize either the command itself or the file location for appcmd.exe, meaning I’ve been looking them up every time I’ve needed them. That, I decided, was too much work, so I actually wrote The Simplest Console App Ever™ to spit out the information for me. Memorization, schmemorization. Yep, because I’m just that lazy. [Read More]

Running: From Treadmill to Trail in 15 Short Years

For years, I was a total treadmill whore. I would run upwards of seven miles at a stretch, three times a week - at the gym, on a treadmill. It made sense. I was already in the gym up to five days a week lifting weights and/or swimming; why wouldn’t I run while I was there too? I endured a fair amount of ribbing for my lengthy treadmill trysts, especially from ‘real’ runners. [Read More]

Increase The WordPress Text Editor Font Size In 5 Seconds

If you're squinting while you're typing, the font is TOO small!

The default font size for the WordPress text editor (that is, the non-visual editor) is too damn small. This became particularly noticeable to me after my current theme bumped up its default font size to 18 pixels, which looks fantastic and is very readable. The default font size in the WP text editor is 13 pixels. While going from 13 to 18 is a bit excessive for the editor font, raising it just a single pixel greatly reduced the strain on my eyes while I write. [Read More]

Getting Calls From Recruiters While At Work

In my experience, at least, most recruiters won't go out of their way to call you at work so long as they can easily find another number to reach you. The real conundrum is figuring out what number should you make readily available. A cell number would work, but then you're still vulnerable to all kinds of phone calls you don't necessarily want to receive. A better solution... [Read More]