How To Remove Ads From The Skype Windows App

A Public Service Announcement

Buy ten bucks worth of Skype credit. That’s it. Problem solved. Sure, there are tons of “free” ways to get around the ads, but all the ones I tried or read about either broke some of Skype’s functionality or blocked the ads without removing the box that contains the ads: you’re left with a large, awkward, and almost empty placeholder area that says, simply, “advertisement”. Close, but no cigar. The only reason I’m writing up this post is because it wasn’t at all clear to me whether buying a small amount of Skype credit would - in fact - remove the ads from the app. [Read More]

Well, that was fast

Slack 1.1.8 reverts system tray functionality

A little over three weeks ago, on July 7th, Slack released 1.1.5 of their Windows App. One of the changes in that release disallowed minimizing the main window to the system tray. I was not a fan of that particular change. No sir, I did not like it one bit and so I dug into my bag of tricks and released my own software to force the app into the system tray – where I prefer it to live, when I’m not actively staring at it. [Read More]

How To Configure Git To Work With DiffMerge

If you’ve reached this post by way of a search engine, I’m guessing it’s at least the fifth, sixth, or twentieth one you’ve looked at trying to understand why the hell git mergetool doesn’t launch DiffMerge. Or why git mergetool -tool-help tells you “blah blah blah The following tools are valid, but not currently available: blah blah diffmerge blah blah”. Or: “The merge tool diffmerge is not available as ‘diffmerge’”. You’ve already done everything you think you need to do in order to get DiffMerge and Git playing nicely together, right? [Read More]

Git Config Changes Not Saved When Edited With Notepad++

Turns out, closing the tab isn't enough

This is pretty stupid, but here it goes. A few minutes ago I decided to try something new: editing Git config settings with an external text editor. My default text editor is Notepad++. So I typed git config -e -global into my Git terminal window, made the changes I wanted, saved and closed the file. Well that was easy! But let’s run that command again, just to make sure it worked. [Read More]