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Git Config Changes Not Saved When Edited With Notepad++

Turns out, closing the tab isn't enough

This is pretty stupid, but here it goes. A few minutes ago I decided to try something new: editing Git config settings with an external text editor. My default text editor is Notepad++. So I typed git config -e -global into my Git terminal window, made the changes I wanted, saved and closed the file. Well that was easy! But let’s run that command again, just to make sure it worked. [Read More]

Increase The WordPress Text Editor Font Size In 5 Seconds

If you're squinting while you're typing, the font is TOO small!

The default font size for the WordPress text editor (that is, the non-visual editor) is too damn small. This became particularly noticeable to me after my current theme bumped up its default font size to 18 pixels, which looks fantastic and is very readable. The default font size in the WP text editor is 13 pixels. While going from 13 to 18 is a bit excessive for the editor font, raising it just a single pixel greatly reduced the strain on my eyes while I write. [Read More]

So long, Chrome Bookmarks! Helloooo, EverNote!

Bookmarks, for me, are as much an ever-growing database of information as they are key-stroke saving conveniences. Find an interesting StackOverflow discussion that's likely to be useful in the future? Bookmark it. See a restaurant I'd like to try? Bookmark it. Tired of typing google.com/calendar over and over? Bookmark it. Truthfully, there's only a couple dozen or so sites that I visit regularly. Say, at least once a week. Those are the sites I'm not terribly likely to forget about. [Read More]

WordPress: All Tags and Categories Suddenly Disappeared!

Late last night, as I was writing up a new blog post, I glanced down at my category list and realized I needed to change what was selected. Right away, I noticed that the “Most Used” tab was selected instead of “All Categories”. I must have clicked it by accident, I thought. But when I clicked the “All” tab, it was empty. The list was completely blank. I went back to the “Most Used” list and they all seemed intact. [Read More]

Diagnosing Windows Sleep Problems

It’s funny how my computer purchase cycles seem to mirror Microsoft’s OS release cycles. I’ve had an XP machine, a Vista machine, and now—as of last week—I own a Windows 7 machine. I bought the first two within months of the OS release, but managed to hold out on Windows 7 for more than a year. I’m not really an early adopter or anything; my computers just seem to develop severe performance issues right about the same time the new release candidates go public. [Read More]